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MountainView Hospital Employee Spotlight: Dr. Wise


Surgical resident Dr. Jessica Wise joined MountainView Hospital last year in our inaugural class of residents, and her enthusiasm for learning and for her patients has been contagious. What Dr. Wise does in her off-hours, though, is truly remarkable.

Dr. Wise, along with her sister, Air Force Capt. Christy Wise, is the co-founder of One Leg Up on Life, a nonprofit organization committed to helping children live life to the fullest by providing prostheses to those who cannot afford desperately needed limbs. The two founded the nonprofit after Christy was in a boating accident in 2015, which resulted in the above-knee amputation of her right leg. After extensive surgeries and rehab, Christy is now the only female Air Force amputee pilot.

Dr. Wise's philanthropic spirit started long before founding One Leg Up on Life. She has worked in the Dominican Republic since she was 19, managing a clinic through Children of The Nations for the poor and underserved in extremely remote areas of the country. In April, Dr. Wise used her PTO to volunteer with a medical team from Boston to again bring much needed medical services to the poor in the Dominican Republic. The medical needs are great and the supplies and resources available are not. The clinic serves five different villages in the remote state of Barahona, and throughout the year, patients are screened and scheduled for the next time a medical or surgical team is in the country. Many of the patients do not pay for their services or pay what they can.

Dr. Wise considered it an honor to help the surgical teams treat patients, including one young patient who became a paraplegic after a gunshot wound when he was robbed. Because of the nature of his injuries, he had many complications, including stage 4 ulcers. Dr. Wise and the medical team worked with this patient and his family. In addition to medical care, they cemented the dirt floor of his house to make it easier for him to get around in his wheelchair.

This summer, Dr. Wise will return to Haiti where she and her sister lead the One Leg Up on Life group. Dr. Wise began working in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country and left many children as amputees. Following that earthquake, Dr. Wise and her colleagues worked initially with 15 children, five of which were amputees. Her organization has supported the making of prosthetic devices as these children have grown and assisted new patients who have been referred to the organization. They also support a prosthetic shop that makes devices for their patients and those in need.

During the upcoming trip, Dr. Wise will follow-up with current patients, present new limbs and work on rehabilitation. Her long-term goal is to help more children in need of prosthetic limbs, provide follow-up repairs and tune-ups, and continue to educate limb recipients. When asked what she wants to do long-term, Dr. Wise said, "This is the kind of work I want to do, this is why I went into medicine."

Dr. Wise and her team are always looking for volunteers for medical trips: nurses, PT, OT, nonclinical - any help is welcome and always needed. At MountainView Hospital, we celebrate the accomplishments of our employees, who truly set the bar high for community commitment.

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