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MountainView Hospital Graduate Medical Education Residents Place in Clinical Poster Presentation Contest


Las Vegas, NV Nov. 18, 2016 — Three of MountainView Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education Internal Medicine residents placed in the recent local chapter of the American College of Physicians poster presentation contest in early November.

Additionally, all 11 abstracts that were submitted by MountainView’s Internal Medicine Residents for consideration were accepted to be presented at the meeting.

Congratulations to:

  • Drs. Vivek Narasimhan and Sandeep Sankineni, for receiving 1st Place in Clinical Vignette for their poster and presentation titled, “Extramedullary Precursor B-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Rare Presentation and Opportunity?”
  • Drs. Irum Sohail and Sandeep Sankineni, for receiving 3rd Place in Clinical Vignette for their poster and presentation titled, “Novel Von Willebrand Factor Gene Mutation Presenting as Purpura”
  • Dr. Behnaz Haddadi-Sahneh, for receiving 1st Place in Resident Research for her poster and presentation titled, “Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease”

Additional posters presented included:

  • Dr. Leonid Vasilevskiy “Anomalous Left Main Coronary Artery; an Unusual Case”
  • Dr. Robert Wills “Lichen Simplex Chronicus, Treating the Untreatable”
  • Dr. Farshad Bozorgnia “Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Rectum”
  • Dr. Zhi Cheng “Flotation, Starvation and Survival”
  • Dr. Behnaz Haddadi-Sahneh “Iatrogenic Cushing’s Syndrome, Are We Educating Our Patients?”
  • Dr. Virginia Perez-Andreu “Right Subconjunctival Hemorrhage In a Patient on Apixaban and Renal Dysfunction”
  • Dr. Jonathan Yaghoobian “Artifact From Tremor Resembling Torsades de Pointes on Cardiac Monitor”
  • Dr. Michael Tedla “Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Yamaguchi’s Disease) in an African American Patient: A Case Report”

These presentations are significant in that it shows, just months after launching MountainView Hospital’s GME program, the residents are conducting serious clinical work.

“In the poster competition, our residents were up against long standing programs, making their success even more substantial,” said Dr. Ali Rahimi, Internal Medicine Program Director.

The winning posters will now be presented during the regional American College of Physicians’ (ACP) conference in December. Additionally, all abstracts/posters will be submitted to the ACP for the national competition and meeting in 2017.

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