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MountainView Hospital's Graduate Medical Education Department Announces First Class of Internal Medicine Residents


Las Vegas, March 18, 2016 — MountainView Hospital’s Internal Medicine Residency program announced its 20 Internal Medicine Residents – during the annual event called Match Day – when graduating medical students learn where they will be spending the next several years as residents. This will be MountainView Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education department’s first Internal Medicine resident class.

The talented group of residents will join MountainView Hospital’s Internal Medicine Residency program July 1, 2016. The announcement of MountainView’s first class of residents is the culmination of years of hard work to develop and implement the hospital’s graduate medical education program.

“We are very excited to reach this important milestone in the development of MountainView Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education program,” said Dr. Ali Rahimi, MountainView Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Director. “Our inaugural resident class will help set the standard – and the high bar – for the future of the program.”

Match Day is the final event of a system known as the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Nationwide, fourth-year medical students tour hospitals and universities to meet with faculty in order to find the right “match” for their residency goals. Likewise, graduate medical education programs interview students to find candidates who meet the program goals, as well as facility and community needs. While the students apply directly to the residency programs, they must also take part in The Match through the NRMP by ranking their preference of programs. Meanwhile, residency programs, like MountainView’s Internal Medicine Residency program, rank applicants in order of preference. The resulting matches are revealed on the same day nationwide to the students.

There were 20 PGY-1 (post-graduate year 1) slots available in MountainView’s Internal Medicine Residency program and all were successfully matched and filled.

In September 2015, MountainView Hospital received accreditation for its Internal Medicine Residency Program from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). ACGME is a private, non-profit organization that evaluates and accredits graduate medical education (GME) programs. Specialized training in Internal Medicine residency programs takes place over a three year period. Residency is the final phase of a long educational process, required for a physician to practice medicine, and is most influential in determining where a physician eventually practices.

MountainView conducted approximately 225 medical student interviews starting in October 2015, with applicants from around the country.

“The interviews were an exciting time at MountainView, as applicants came to meet and interview with the Internal Medicine faculty and hospital staff, and tour the facilities,” said Dr. Rahimi. “This was an opportunity to not only showcase MountainView to future clinicians, but highlight that Las Vegas is an excellent place to live, work and practice medicine.”

“MountainView Hospital has devoted significant time and resources to the building of its Graduate Medical Education program, from recruiting faculty around the country to training and infrastructure,” said Chris Mowan, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “This will be a transformational year for MountainView and the Las Vegas healthcare community.”

Additional residency programs in a variety of specialties will be announced in the coming months.


About MountainView Hospital:

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