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Internal Medicine Wellness Curriculum

Goal: To realize joy and fulfillment in one’s work while creating a health work-life balance and reducing burnout.


  • Realize the true joy in helping others as physicians
  • Create a health balance between work and personal life
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Develop and fosterer resilience
  • Decrease burnout
  • Develop empathetic, well-rounded and content physicians.


Resident wellness has been the focus of ACGME from beginning. In 2017, the ACGME revised its Common Program Requirements for all accredited residency and fellowship programs regardless of specialty to address well-being more directly and comprehensively.

Significance of wellness curriculum

  1. Creates culture of wellness
  2. Build resilience to prevent burnout.
  3. Reduce emotional exhaustion, depersonalization.
  4. Increase compassion and empathy.
  5. Improve physical and mental health.
  6. Improve sense of personal accomplishment.
  7. Help in reconnecting with joy and purpose of medicine.
  8. Fewer medical errors.
  9. Increase patient satisfaction.
  10. Improve interpersonal skills, professional conduct and work environment.

Wellness Initiatives

  1. Buddy system
  2. Team building activities
  3. Weekly small group wellness discussions in clinic
  4. Outdoor wellness and Mindfulness activities
  5. Core Wellness by Case Network
    1. Comprehensive program designed to help residents cope with the unique demands of the healthcare profession.
    2. Comprised of 24 high yield modules focusing on
      1. Burnout and its consequences
      2. Factors associated with wellness in residency and culture of wellness
      3. Concept of resilience and resilience exercises
      4. Self-awareness exercises
      5. Building self esteem
      6. Mindfulness
      7. Narrative Medicine
      8. Conflict management
    3. Each module can be completed as part of self-directed learning or group discussion (faculty guide included)
  6. Monthly yoga classes
  7. Monthly group and family gatherings
  8. Therapy dogs
  9. Dedicated and robust mentorships
  10. Jeopardy system to address resident fatigue and emergencies
  11. Beacon counselling
  12. 3+1 model of scheduling

Our Goal is to create well rounded future physicians by teaching them lifelong skills of resilience, reflection and mindfulness, in addition to excellent medical training.

Additional reading/resources:

Wellness Committee Members:

  • Dr. Kartika Shetty, Chair
  • Dr. Jasprit Takher
  • Dr. Birjess Ahmed
  • Dr. Gayatri Vengayil
  • Dr. Hazel Abaya
  • Dr. Lin Wang
  • Dr. Scott Anderson
  • Dr. Jora Zaroukian
  • Dr. Sadik Acaralp
  • Dr. Idean Sotoudeh
  • Sherry Marcu