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Case Reports

Subject: Cardiac amyloidosis
Attending: Akhondi
Residents: John
Published in: Med Crave Journal

Subject: Moyamoya presenting as CVA in a Caucasian woman with collagenous colitis
Attendings: Akhondi, Hyndman, Novero
Resident: Valluri
Published in: Journal of Neurological Sciences

Subject: HSV encephalitis complicated by ICH
Attendings: Akhondi, Rahimi, Toloyan
Resident: Bozorgnia
Published in: Theranostics of Brain, Spine and Neutral Disorders (TBSND)

Subject: Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome
Attendings: Akhondi, Rahimi, Toloyan
Resident: Yang

Subject: Wernicke’s encephalopathy Associated with Demyelination and Respiratory Failure
Attendings: Akhondi, Takher
Resident: Anderson

Subject: Lichen Simplex Chronicus
Attendings: Kaveh, Rahimi, Akhondi
Residents: Wills, Kleist
Published in: International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine

Subject: Case of Lemierre’s Syndrome; the forgotten disease
Attendings: King, Akhondi
Residents: Sohail, Mylavarapu

Subject: Page kidney
Attendings: King, Akhondi
Resident: Bassi

Subject: Black Esophagus, still a mystery
Attendings: Kottey, Bomman, Akhondi
Residents: Wills, Vengayil

Subject: Acute Valproic acid toxicity unrelated to blood levels
Attendings: Luraschi-Monjagatta, Yang, Ayutyanont
Resident: Ciezki

Subject: Myocardial bridging
Attendings: Kazemi, Robine, Akhondi, Rahimi
Residents: Perez, Tedla
Published in: Cath Lab Digest

Subject: Treatment of hypercalcemia with ETOH injection of adenoma
Attendings: Nakhle, Akhondi, Ahrari, Rahimi
Resident: Khalili
Published in: Endocrinology and Metabolic Syndrome

Subject: Gerstmann’s syndrome
Attendings: Pepito, Akhondi
Residents: Bassi, Rickstrew, Long (student)
Published in: BMJ Case Report

Subject: Vibrio Vulnificus in Hemochromatosis
Attendings: Pepito, Pua
Residents: Fayad, Bassi, Villanueva

Subject: Idiopathic acute portal vein thrombosis
Attending: Pua
Residents: Bawa, Yaghooti, Sohail, Khan

Subject: FUO and splenomegaly
Attending: Pua
Resident: Perez

Subject: POEM syndrome
Attendings: Pua, Akhondi
Resident: Vasilevskiy
Published in: BMJ Case Report

Subject: Septic emboli in an ESRD patient with PFO
Attending: Pua
Resident: Abaya

Subject: Metformin toxicity and its associated lactic acidosis resulting in shock and respiratory failure
Attending: Pua
Resident: Schostak, De Lannoy

Subject: Floatation, starvation and survival
Attending: Rahimi
Resident: Cheng

Subject: Conjunctival Bleed on Apixaban
Attending: Rahimi
Resident: Perez

Subject: Idiopathic Cushing syndrome
Attending: Rahimi
Resident: Haddadi

Subject: Artifact mimicking Torsade De Pointes
Attending: Rahimi
Resident: Yaghoobian

Subject: Yamaguchi disease in a Caucasian
Attendings: Robine, Takher
Resident: Tedla
Published in: Case Reports in Internal Medicine

Subject: Anomalous left main coronary
Attendings: Robine, Akhondi
Resident: Vasilevskiy
Published in: Cath lab digest, Manuscript JACC/Accepted

Subject: Antero-septal myocardial infarction complicated by a ventricular septal rupture
Attendings: Shamiya, Akhondi
Residents: Vasilevskiy, Alers-Sanchez

Subject: Primary neuroendocrine carcinoma of the breast
Attendings: Takher, Thummala, Carley
Resident: Gower

Subject: Diseases/EKGs mimicking acute STEMI
Attendings: Takher, Rahimi, Toloyan
Resident: Qazi

Subject: Cocaine-Levamisole masquerading as gastrointestinal ulcerations and bleed
Attendings: Takher, Raza, Akhondi, Rahimi
Resident: Williams

Subject: Primary Hepatic Follicular Lymphoma mimicking sub-acute liver failure in a chronic alcohol user
Attendings: Takher, Akhondi, Khan, Wierman
Residents: Williams, Perez, Wang
Published in: Annals of Pathology

Subject: Renal presentation of ALL
Attendings: Wierman, Akhondi
Residents: Narasimhan, Sankineni
Published in: SL Clinical and Medical Oncology

Subject: SCC of rectum
Attendings: Wierman, Akhondi
Resident: Bozorgnia
Published in: SL Clinical and Medical Oncology

Subject: Role of hedgehog inhibitors in metastatic BCC
Attendings: Wierman, Akhondi
Residents: Khan, Bawa, Sankineni
Published in: Oncology and Cancer Research

Subject: New mutation in VWF gene
Attendings: Wierman, Akhondi
Residents: Sohail, Sankineni
Published in: Journal of Blood and Bone Marrow

Subject: PCV and PFO and vasculitis in a CVA case
Attendings: Wierman, Pua
Resident: Falaha

Subject: Hypercoagulable state and hyperthyroidism
Attendings: Wierman, Akhondi
Resident: Hwang