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Modular Active Learning Curriculum for Emergency Medicine

The Modular Active Learning Curriculum for Emergency Medicine (MALCEM) consists of 24 literature and video modules, located on a private website. These modules correspond to the emergency medicine core curriculum. One module (50-100 pages) is assigned per week. Residents are expected to come ready to discuss the topical material and will be evaluated on their individual performance.

Core faculty and residents participate in a transactional group learning discussion that is moderated by a trained moderator, who will initially be the program director who has taught this format for more than 10 years. As the core faculty members become familiar with the moderator role, their role will be expanded until the core faculty will moderate their own discussion groups. Non-moderator core and clinical faculty will provide clinical commentary.

After the modular discussion, a high fidelity patient care simulation based upon the skills or critical decisions related to each module will be presented. These integrated simulations will be done in a group feedback environment with each resident or core faculty providing feedback to the simulation participants. In this way, the resident knowledge base is built from self-learning to group learning to experiential learning in a sequence designed to maximize retention and optimize utility.

A plenary lecture is planned to end the day. This plenary lecture may be an institutional topic, an outside speaker, or resident/core faculty presentations. Individual residents will provide one plenary lecture per year per resident. The core faculty will be assigned to work with the resident on their individual presentation.

Once per month, board question review will occur with the use of an audience response system. Board questions will be drawn from the previous month’s modular discussions to assess retention and quality. Individual performance on board questions will be provided as feedback to both the residents and to improve individual modules.

Journal clubs, mortality and morbidity, and grand rounds presentation round out the educational experience.