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Reflecting our HCA mission and together with our community partners, we are committed to train exceptional, knowledgeable, caring addiction medicine physicians to provide comprehensive, compassionate and evidence-based care to our patients, their families and our communities that are impacted by the diseases of addiction in a collaborative, innovative learning environment.

The Addiction Medicine Fellowship is a one-year clinical fellowship, the first such fellowship in Nevada specializing in training physicians in substance use disorders – from prevention and early detection through treatment of complications of advanced disease. This newly accredited ACGME fellowship provides a broad-spectrum community-based training designed to prepare graduate physicians for clinical and academic careers in Addiction Medicine, focused on developing and enhancing evidence-based addiction prevention and treatment services for all patients, families and communities. Beyond substance use disorders, the addiction medicine fellowship provides an opportunity for physicians to develop skills in treating patients suffering from other behavioral or “process disorders” such as gambling or sex addiction.

Our partners include:

  • Southern Hills Hospital and its various clinical services, including the Behavioral Health Pavilion, our Emergency Department and adult Critical Care Unit
  • Las Vegas Recovery Center, a freestanding comprehensive treatment center for chronic pain and addiction established in 2003, including patient and family assessment, inpatient detox and residential treatment with transition to the continuum of outpatient treatment programs. It was one of the first centers in the US to provide an Opiate Free Pain Recovery Track for patients recovering from opioid use disorder and chronic pain under the leadership of its founding medical director, Mel Pohl, MD.
  • Center for Behavioral Health, Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) is a multi-state non-profit company with services ranging from confidential assessment and full range of treatments through its outpatient treatment program (OTP) and outpatient services, along with wrap-around services based on the ASAM Criteria and Levels of Care across the continuum. Key to its services, CBH provides all three federally approved medications for opiate use disorder (OUD): buprenorphine (in all its formulations), naltrexone (eg., Vivitrol), and methadone.
  • CBH receives funding as one of three Integrated Opioid Treatment and Recovery Centers (IOTRC), a hybrid of the hubs in the Hub and Spoke models in the state of Nevada.
  • The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHS) in North Las Vegas is a campus with a 90-bed inpatient facility which opened in 2012 with a 20-bed inpatient psychiatric ward. The VASNHS provides services to more than 45,000 inpatients yearly and 450,000 outpatient visits.
  • The Addictive Disorders Treatment Program at the VA, the Las Vegas VA Residential Recovery & Renewal Center (“LVR3”), is a 20 bed residential treatment center (RTC) that provides evaluation, admission, and treatment of Veterans with substance use disorders and/or gambling disorders.

The goal of the new fellowship is in part to combat the opioid crisis in Nevada. According to the Centers for Disease Control, drug overdose deaths continue to rise in our country. From 1999 to 2017 more than 700,000 people died from a drug overdose. In 2018 alone, 67,367 people died. Across 36 states drug overdoses have become the leading cause of injury deaths. Nearly half of all overdose deaths involve prescription drugs.

“The approval of an addiction medicine fellowship is critically needed in Nevada where addiction has impacted so many in our community,” Program Director Dr. Maureen Strohm Said. “We believe training our physicians on addiction will save lives.”

Beyond substance abuse, the addiction medicine fellowship provides an opportunity for physicians to become specialized in treating patients suffering from other behavioral abnormalities and addictive behaviors such as gambling or sex addiction.

While some addiction fellowships only train psychiatrists, this addiction medicine fellowship is multidisciplinary, accepting physicians from many different specialties, including family medicine and psychiatry.

Now that initial accreditation is in place, Southern Hills will begin recruiting two physicians for the one-year fellowship, set to begin July 1.

The fellows will have the opportunity to work in many different places throughout the region, such as MountainView Hospital, Sunrise Hospital, as well as Nevada Health Centers.

“Addiction doesn’t just affect one person, it ripples through families and our entire community. It is time we as healthcare professionals do what we can to stop this crisis,” Alexis Mussi, Chief Executive Officer of Southern Hills Hospital said. “This addiction medicine fellowship is a step in the right direction to helping those who need it.”

About Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium:

Southern Hills Hospital’s residency program is a part of the Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium, which currently has 153 residents based at MountainView and Southern Hills. Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education received a significant amount of applications for a limited number of positions, and successfully matched and filled all resident positions.

Southern Hills GME program is a part of HCA Healthcare Sunrise Consortium which includes

To apply or to learn more about the Addiction Medicine Fellowship, visit

The program will provide well-rounded educational and clinical training in the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of individuals with the disease of addiction, substance use related health conditions, and those who are exhibiting an unhealthy use of substances including nicotine, alcohol, prescription medications as well as other legal and illicit drugs.

The goal of the program is to train the next generation of leaders to advance evidence-based clinical care and academic understanding of addiction by striving for continuous enrichment of the training experience. The program will prepare trainees for clinical and academic leadership in Addiction Medicine and for the certification examination.

The fellowship program is designed to provide a 12 month intensive academic and clinical experience for applicants who are board certified or board eligible in Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, or Psychiatry. Following completion of training each fellow will be able to: