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SimMan 3G®

Description: SimMan® 3G is an advanced patient simulator that can display neurological symptoms as well as physiological. It is simple to operate and features innovative technology such as automatic drug recognition. This full body manikin can emulate many patient scenarios with fluid outputs (sweat, tearing, frothing, bleeding etc.), various heart and bowel sounds, and can also simulate death (for the more advanced trainees).

Manufacturer: Laerdal Medical

Quantity: 1 Available

SimMom Birthing Simulator

This teaching system combines obstetric and neonatal patient care and is designed to simulate a complete birthing experience before, during and after delivery. It includes intrapartum maternal and fetal monitoring as well as postnatal neonatal monitoring. SimMom® focuses on intrapartum management and neonatal resuscitation.

Manufacturer: Laerdal Medical

Quantity: 1 Available


The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution provides integrated didactics, knowledge assessment, and hands-on training. The SonoSimulator® converts a laptop computer into your personal ultrasound training platform and delivers comprehensive ultrasound training anytime, anywhere.

Manufacturer: Laerdal Medical

Quantity: 2 Available (SimMom Pregnancy Cases, SimMan Cardiac Cases)

US Mentor®

The U/S Mentor is a high-end medical simulator for the training of ultrasound-related examinations and interventions.

The U/S Mentor offers a multidisciplinary, realistic hands-on training for the ever-growing utilization of ultrasound in medicine especially at point of care (POC) setting. It provides residents, fellows, and practicing physicians an opportunity to acquire and improve their sonography-related skills on a variety of virtual patients.

The simulator, is designed to provide the optimal educational environment to reach and demonstrate competency levels.

Manufacturer 3D Systems: Quantity 1 Available (Modules: Sonography Basic Skills, Bedside Echocardiography, eFAST, OB 2nd Trimester, OB 2nd Trimester – Midline Profile, OB 2nd Trimesters – Cervix Measurement, Fetal Neurosonogaphy, Fetal Echo, Lung)

LapVR®: LapVR, learners benefit from various levels of training modules that permits surgical students to experience hands-on laparoscopic surgery before ever touching a real patient. The LapVR includes an Essential Skills module comprised of basic Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) skills including camera navigation, peg transfer, cutting, clipping and needle driving. The LapVR also comes complete with a Procedural Skills module that includes the ability to practice Adhesiolysis, running the bowel, suturing and knot tying and loop ligation. Each of these skill-based tasks comes complete with varying degrees of difficulty to challenge new learners as they work to enhance these critical skills. The full procedure modules permit General Surgery students to perform MIS procedures including laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and laparoscopic appendectomy. Gynecology and Obstetric students can benefit from bilateral occlusion, ectopic pregnancy and salpingo oophorectomy procedures. To further support your program’s curriculum, the LapVR allows you to assign modules in a specific order, set performance thresholds, customize certain case parameters, capture metrics and upload supplemental multimedia content.


Quantity 1 Available

LapVR® Modules

Essential Skills: The Essential Skills Modules includes exercises comprised of MIS skills designed to teach, improve, and track learner’s dexterity utilizing laparoscopic instruments in a virtual box trainer environment. It is designed to allow training for the FLS course and test. Metrics such as task time, efficiency and economies of motion, and camera skills with 0, 30, and 45 degree lenses are tracked and recorded for each user throughout the exercises. Each skill set can be customized with varying levels of difficulty to match the experience of the user or group of users.

Procedural Skills: The Procedural Skills modules is the next level up from our Essential Skills module and helps learners build their new essential skills training with a variety of complex simulated procedures before they attempt full surgical cases. The module helps provide competence in two-handed procedural techniques, improved dexterity and the ability to choose from different measuring options, as well as proficiency with a variety of sutures and knots.

Surgical Skills: The surgical skills modules allow surgeons to apply their newly acquired essential and procedural skills to a series of virtual patient cases with a variety of true-to-life anatomical variations and complications. This helps them develop necessary technical and cognitive skills, decision-making and team-training, as well as dexterity for specific laparoscopic surgeries. Our surgical content includes procedures for general surgery as well as Ob/Gyn.


Quantity: 1 Available


The EndoVR is the all-in-one simulator for both gastrointestinal and bronchial training. CAE Healthcare offers learning modules for bronchoscopy, EBUS-TBNA, upper GI, and lower GI to give learners a comprehensive set of cases for their simulation-based learning. Customize curriculum to match learner needs, capture metrics and set parameter levels and upload supplemental multimedia content


Quantity 1 Available

EndoVR® Modules

UPPER GASTROINTESTINAL (GI) TRACT MODULE INCLUDES: Esophagastroduodenoscopy (EGD) Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) Upper GI bleeding LOWER GASTROINTESTINAL (GI) TRACT MODULE INCLUDES: Introduction to sigmoidoscopy, Introduction to sigmoidoscopy supplemental cases, Introduction to colonoscopy, Introduction to polypectomy, Introduction to biopsy


Quantity: 1 Available