Graduate Medical Education Program

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Graduate Medical Education Program

Through the Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium, we have demonstrated excellence in every aspect of our institution and practices. From in-depth planning to the execution of a state-of-the-art graduate medical education program that fits the needs of our residents, we set the standard high for clinical research and educational excellence. Our modern facilities and network of hospitals in Las Vegas, Nevada are advanced and fully equipped to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

Our Residency Program benefits from strong institutional support and commitment, while our affiliation with the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) allows our residents access to the Savitt Medical Library and catalogue of online journals. We are committed to training the physicians of tomorrow with our hands-on approach and opportunities to engage with leading scholars and healthcare professionals in the medical field. All of our faculty members are prepared to provide the quality training necessary to develop the next generation of 21st century practitioners, professors, and researchers. At our institution, we understand the demands and evolving needs of the healthcare industry. This is why our program emphasizes medical training that incorporates the latest technology and innovations in clinical research. We want to make sure the physicians of tomorrow are equipped to deliver modern healthcare in a modern world.

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State-of-the Art Technology & Training

Our administration and organization are committed to providing residents with in-depth training and experience. We hire top faculty members nationwide to help our residency program remain at the forefront of graduate medical research and education. Leading clinicians are involved in Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Clinical Excellence projects. Our program is fully integrated and technologically advanced: For example, we provide each of our residents with individual electronic devices as well as access to MedHub, our residency software program that allows students to track completion of requirements. We're committed to professionalism and prioritize our key principles of integrity, compassion, attitude, responsibility, and excellence. Call MountainView Hospital's Graduate Medical Education Program office for more information on our in-depth residency training experience in Las Vegas.